Helicopter Fire Management

Helispecs is experienced in all aspects of fire management, with experienced pilots and crew who have spent many years dealing with fires in both Australia and overseas. Helispecs can support fires from Water bombing, Crew transport and support, reconnaissance and mapping, coupled with well maintained helicopters and role equipment. All helicopters have Spidertracks real time satellite tracking which can be view from the operations centre while any fire management is in progress. With our heavy duty dangerous goods approved fuel trucks that can support our helicopters anywhere in Australia; Helispecs is your complete service provider for fire management.

Fire Fighting

All our helicopters carry Cloudburst multi drop water buckets. These water buckets have adjustable foam units that can be operated by the pilot in flight to adjust the amount of foam dispensed with each load of water. The buckets are carried in the helicopter to the fire for immediate action on arrival. These buckets can be filled out of dams, ravines, creeks, transportable collared dams, or hydrants. Water buckets can be slung up to 150 feet (Long lining) below the helicopter to source water from between trees and obstacles close to the fire when needed.

Fire Lighting & Observation

We have two fire lighting devices available, Heli torch (Gel lighter) and Incendiary Balls or Capsules. Either method is selected to suit specific requirements. Both these incendiary machines are available for burning out the centres of wild fires or prescribed / forestry burns. All data from the burns can be recorded on the DGPS that are installed in the helicopters. This information can then be downloaded and reviewed on your computer system for overlaying onto other maps or Google earth if required. Preloaded GIS files can also be uploaded to the DGPS of the areas for burning beforehand if required to ensure accuracy of the ignited areas.Our Bell 206 Jetranger or Eurocopter (squirrel) helicopters can safely carry an observer while igniting an area to assist with the operation. During the ignition stage, we have our fire bucket on site, ready for fire fighting if required.Heli torch or Gel lighter, which hangs underneath the helicopter dispensing a gel which is ignited as it leaves the torch and is controlled by the pilot. The volume or amount of gel dispensed can be adjusted in flight as required.Incendiary Balls, Capsules. This one drops ping pong type balls or capsules that have a powder in them and as they leave the ignition machine that is installed in the helicopter they are injected with glycol which causes a reaction and ignites the ball 30-60 seconds after leaving the helicopter.