Aerial Photography, Filming & Advertising

Helispecs have all the necessary approvals for low level still photography, media, and video or movie projects.  We have supported such leading filmakers as BBC, Clockwork Films and Birds Eye Filming and Photography.

The Squirrel or Jetranger helicopters are an ideal platform with good power reserves to operate safely at any level, the doors can either slide open or be removed for unobscured view of the target and an approved harness is fitted to the camera person for extra safety. For film work the Cineflex HD is currently the camera of choice for optimum results.

Helispecs have joined forces with Airview Xtreme to bring you world leading HD High Definition Video.  Airview Xtreme have the latest technology in stabilised camera platforms the V14, which is configured with our helicopters.This world leading stabilised camera has been used from motion pictures, outside broadcast/sports,feature film, corporate video, computer rendering, Television Commercial (TVC).This system is very versatile and can be configured in many different delivery ways, for different applications.

Cineflex HD, Gyro stabilised cameras.

Recent trends in environmental protection, infrastructure planning, patrols, all types of land use and developments from Real Estate, Agricultural, Power Producers, Forestry and Mining to name a few have revealed to many organisations the benefits of bringing their achievements in to clear view. With images from Helispecs and the latest HD Cineflex, Gyro stabilised cameras, developers and companies are now benefiting from their ability to track and manage their infrastructure as well as promote their environmental credentials. The power of our aerial images has also been harnessed by environmentally aware financial organisations and those involved in carbon credit arrangements to provide a strong visual representation of their corporate contribution.

Call us to discuss ideas you may have for your application. Click to view more details on the camera systems.

Aerial Advertising

Helispecs can accommodate you in all forms of aerial advertising from banner towing to on aircraft advertising for promotional purposes. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on these services.