Helispecs wish to remind all clients that they also have obligations to maintain a safe work place for all its contractors, of whom Helispecs is one. They are encouraged to communicate to Helispecs any hazards that may reduce the safe operation of its staff while they are on their properties or work sites. Helispecs likes to assure its clients and the community that safety parameters are adhered to at all times.


Before every flight, whether it is a aerial work operation or a charter flight every passenger receives a briefing on helicopter safety together with the location of emergency equipment.  Download our Helicopter Safety brochure  


All clients and passengers must inform Helispecs staff if dangerous goods are packed or to be carried on or in the helicopter as this is a CASA and operational requirement.  Download our dangerous goods brochure 


As a added safety all Helispecs helicopters have Spidertracks Satellite tracking.    

This system gives real time tracking so we know at all times where our helicopters are. The pilot can also activate a distress signal which is relayed direct back to base and to company staff via cell phones. By request this system can also be set up for companies using our services to monitor from there office. Pilots also carry portable Personal Emergency Locator Beacons.  Click here to view a track


All Helispecs refuelling systems have been set up using filtration and bonding systems to eliminate contamination and static electricity build up. The filters remove unwanted particles and capture traces of water that may be present from condensation. Bonding cables are fitted to the systems to avoid static electricity build-up during the refuelling process.  


On aerial work operations it is a company policy & requirement that all pilots wear a appropriate aviation helmet . On fire management operations it is also a requirement for them to wear a appropriate flame retardant flight suit. Pilots have no choice in this decision as the company is committed to supplying a safe workplace. If Customers require or wish to wear a helmet and do not have one please do not hesitate to contact Helispecs to see if we can organise one for the duration of the job.


Helispecs has a complete Drug and Alcohol management plan in place for all staff and contractors with regular testing for both carried out pre-engagement, randomly or when required.


Helispecs has a complete Fatigue Management plan in place for all staff and contractors


Helispecs has a policy of regular training and safety briefs for all operations. Pilots are required to undergo regular check and training as required by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. All Helispecs staff are kept up to date or attend appropriate courses and conventions to further their knowledge and to take on new and innovative ideas.