Support Truck


Helispecs support truck is a fully licenced  dangerous Goods Vehicle. It has full aviation filtration system that captures any traces of water to avoid contamination in the aircraft fuel system, fuel spill kit, UHF , and a crane on the rear for the safe lifting of equipment on to the tray of the truck. 6 new tyres(not retreads),$12000 spent on injector pump and injectors 2000 kms ago, Full reconditioned gearbox 10000 kms ago. Very good condition.




SX 16 Spectrolab Nightsun Search light

Spectrolabs Nightsun SX-16

The SX-16 is designed to provides a mobile, high-intensity light source for a variety of applications. It has been used on over 30 different airframes over the course of its lifetime and enjoys the distinction of being the most popular helicopter Searchlight for law enforcement entities, border patrol agencies, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and several other public service organizations.

The SX-16 Nightsun® is the benchmark for high-intensity Searchlights the world over due to its capacity to provide a powerful light source wherever it is needed and doing so under some of the worst environmental scenarios imaginable.  Our kit includes all manuals, wiring looms and boxes required to fit.
Excellent Condition



Cloudburst Fire Buckets

Fire-Bucket-017Helispecs sells the cloudburst range of fire fighting buckets. these buckets are operated by pneumatics and are multi drop buckets, They can run off bleed air from the helicopter or a small compressor attached to the helicopter. Helispecs also have approved (EO) bleed air systems for a number of helicopters. Click here to view brochure>>




Fertiliser Bucket to suit Huey or B3

1800 ltr capacity

24 Hp Honda twin engine

Air operated slide/can be converted to Electric

Very good condition