Aerial Fertilising, Seeding, and Baiting

We offer a complete turnkey service with loading, fueling and application for almost any location in Western Australia.  Our experience pilots and ground crew are fully equipped with a multi terrain loader, refueling truck and both helicopter and fixed wing aircraft.  Wet sites, remote locations, and short timeframes are never a barrier.

Through our range of different spreaders and equipment  we can deliver seed accurately across your farm land, forestry plantations or revegetation sites from as little as 1.5 kgs per hectare, or fertiliser up to 400 kgs per hectare in one pass without the need for airstrips or large areas to work from. We can also apply carrots, oats and pellets for the control of rats, mice, ants, locusts, insects, and all other feral animals.

The benefits of using aerial application are listed below,

  • Fast and timely application with up to 700Ha per day at an application rate of 100Kg/Ha
  • Large areas covered in short periods of optimum weather,
  • Zero paddock or crop damage from wheel marks,
  • Zero soil compaction,
  • Professional accurate application
  • Elimintates the transfer of weeds, diseases or pests between areas.

Typically the cost difference between ground and aerial application is in the range of a few dollars per hectare.  When you take into account the benefits of an aerial application, the improvements in crops yeild alone often leads to an increase in profitability per hectare in excess of $50.  This is evidenced in a recent study conducted by the Western Australian Department of Agriculture which measured the crop losses caused by ground spraying at various stages of crop development.  This research can be viewed by clicking here.