Support Truck

Helispecs support truck is a fully licenced and registered dangerous Goods Vehicle. It has full aviation filtration system that captures any traces of water to avoid contamination in the aircraft fuel system, fuel spill kit, UHF and phone communications, and a crane on the rear for the safe lifting of equipment on to the tray of the truck. 

Caterpillar Tracked Multi Terrain Loader & 5 Tonne GVM Trailer

Helispecs purchased this machine to increase efficiency in the loading of fertiliser for topdressing operationsHelispecs also has purpose built attachments for the loading of all fertiliser, gravel or concrete into our buckets,hoppers or kibbles that are underslung under our helicopters that deliver the product to any inaccessible site. Byhaving this machine on site during these operations it speeds up the turnaround times and reduces the cost of the operation. Both Caterpillar Bobcat and trailer are for hire seperate for other activities other than helicopter operations

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Lifting Equipment

Helispecs has a full compliment of approved lifting equipment rated in excess of a weight load limit of 2 tons. With long lines, short lines, light weight baskets, lifting frames, nets and lifting straps/slings Helispecs are set up for any lifting operation.

Lifting Baskets

For the lifting of loose, tools or materials that are small and awkward to strap together, These baskets have been used or requested on jobs such as the walkway at Castle Rock to speed up the transport of building materials and tool on to and off site.


This firelighter dispenses Gel that and is connected to our DGPS so a full printout can be supplied at the end of the burn of where all Gel was dropped.